Benefits of Online Booking in Self Storage Industry

July 17, 2021 | Team StoRegister
Online Booking - Self Storage Software

Today, in this fast-moving world, people do not have time to walk into Self Storage offices/Reception to make an inquiry. The power of Internet makes the user's shopping journey amazingly simple and convenient just in a fingertip. Also, the world of internet is very wide, users can purchase and receive them at their doorstep.

Similarly, Self Storage Industry is moving rapidly towards Remote Management and Online Booking system. Tenants are finding the Online Booking system as most convenient service that any Self Storage Operator can offer. It gives them the feasibility to find the appropriate storage space size along with the rental prices, add-on services, Insurance, Logistics, Inventory, Rental Agreement, E-sign, Online Payment, etc., in just few clicks.

Round the Clock Services:

One of the main benefit of online booking system is that your service is available to your tenants anytime - Day or Night, Weekdays or Weekends. Tenants will be able to review your offerings and book the required space more conveniently from anywhere and any device. Your Online Booking System does the front desk job while Storage Owners can sit back and watch out they business grow.

Reduces the Operational Cost:

The most important aspect of any business is to increase the revenue by finding ways to reduce the cost efficiently. Having a decent responsive website with sleek booking system help you get rid of local agents who always negotiates on commission, local Advertising Agencies, Radios, etc.

Minimizes Operators Workload:

Pen and paper, manual data entry, spreadsheets all are old school methods of Business Management. Today, world has gone very far from these and technology can do anything that is impossible. So, inorder to compete in this fast pace business race, it is important to adapt the utmost automation which reduces your time in managing the business thus help you focus on business growth.

Hence, StoRegister is one of robust platforms that offers sophisticated Booking System that can just easily be plugged to Storage Operator's website. Tenants will be able to make a Reservation in less than 30 seconds and will be able to do a Move In in less than 60 seconds. Tenants can access "Tenant Portal" using their credentials with the security of Single Sign-On functionality.