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Elevate your Self Storage Operations with StoRegister's On-demand Key Features

Storegister key features
Multi Facility Management

Manage Multiple Facilities under Multiple Business Names

Are you fed up with managing multiple user accounts and passwords?

We have created an all-in-one consolidated solution for you to effortlessly manage multiple properties with different business names under a single brand. Easily link business names to specific properties, facilities, levels, or units.

Types of Users

Do you Want to differentiate tenants based on their profiles?

StoRegister allows you to manage different user types, such as General, Business, Students, Charity, and Military. Tailor your operational needs by enabling preferred user types. StoRegister also enables self-storage operators to set up rental rates, insurance, and other services based on the user type.

Multiple user types
Rental price and tax rates setup and revision

Revision of Prices and Tax Rates

Do your management tools offer the flexibility to set up costs and tax rates?

Yes, we provide the flexibility you are looking for. Revise rental prices, insurance, and service costs well in advance by setting the effective date. Similarly, tax rates can be revised by setting an effective date whenever required.

The application records all the revision history for accounting purposes.


Are your storage operators familiar only with your native language?

StoRegister understands the difficulties posed by language barriers in management. We have the application translated into your local language at your convenience, and we support over 20+ languages.

Language Translation
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Setup Payment Gateway and Access control system

Is your management solution adapting to your business needs?

Many business owners have to compromise by choosing third-party solutions because their existing management solution lacks the feasibility to integrate various third-party solutions into one account. At StoRegister, we have crafted a solution that provides the most customized platform, easily adaptable to your operational needs.

No more compromises needed, as StoRegister can now be linked to any number of Payment Gateways and Access Control Systems specific to your property, facility, level, and unit.

Other Key Features


Multiple Business Management

Business Management

With our Business Management feature, you can effortlessly handle one or more Self Storage Businesses and associate them with specific Properties, Facilities (buildings), Levels, or Units all in one comprehensive platform.

3D Sitemap of Property and Facility

3D Sitemap

Discover the convenience of StoRegister's 3D Sitemap feature. Experience a visually enhanced layout that offers a comprehensive overview of your Property. With color-coded indications for space statuses like Available, Occupied, Overdue, and Under Maintenance, you can easily manage and monitor your self-storage facility.

Competitor Price Comparision

Showcase Your Prices with Competitor Prices

Stand out with StoRegister's exclusive feature – Showcase Your Prices with Competitor Prices. Give your customers the advantage of comparing your rates with competitors or the local market, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and choose your self-storage space confidently.

Storegister Open API for Developers

Open API for Seamless Integration

Explore the Power of StoRegister's Open API for Seamless Integration. Our API enables swift and hassle-free integration with a wide range of third-party solutions. Take full control of your website's booking page customization and leverage the API to create a tailor-made mobile app that perfectly aligns with your business needs. Unlock endless possibilities with StoRegister's Open API.

Intitutive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Experience the Power of StoRegister's Intuitive Dashboard for Comprehensive Business Insights. Our platform offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides a quick overview of your self-storage business operations. Stay informed about move-ins, move-outs, reservations, payment status, lead inquiries, email notifications, and more through interactive graphs and insightful metrics. Access valuable data at your fingertips with StoRegister's intuitive dashboard.

StoRegister Master Search

Universal Master Search for Effortless Navigation

Discover Effortless Navigation with StoRegister's Universal Master Search. Our platform offers a centralized search system, enabling seamless exploration through the application. Utilize our universal master search criteria to access units, contacts, quotations, reservations, leases, invoices, receipts, and more with ease. Simplify your user experience and optimize productivity with StoRegister's intuitive universal master search.


easy and flexible discount system

Dynamic Discount Management System

Unlock the Potential of Dynamic Discount Management with StoRegister. Our self storage software leads the way with versatile promotional and promo code discounts. Set discounts on a flat cost or fixed percentage basis, customized for different User Types. Plus, you have the option to set a cap on maximum discount amounts. Elevate your discount strategies with StoRegister's user-friendly and customizable discount management system.

Manage Inventory

Streamlined Inventory Management

Optimize Your Inventory Management with StoRegister. Seamlessly handle self storage operations and inventory in one convenient platform. Stay updated on available stock, daily sales, and new orders with ease. StoRegister empowers you to effortlessly sell inventories to customers, both in-store and online. Experience a streamlined inventory management process with StoRegister's user-friendly features.

Manage Logistics

Efficient Logistics Management

Optimize Your Logistics Management with StoRegister. Seamlessly bridge the gap between bookings and transport timeslots for a smooth-running business. Set up transport costs based on your business model with ease. StoRegister's logistics management feature simplifies your processes for enhanced efficiency. Elevate your self storage operations with StoRegister's intuitive software.

Manage Insurance

Streamlined Insurance Management

Enhance Tenant Satisfaction with StoRegister's Insurance Management. Offer third-party or in-house insurance services with ease. Tenants can choose the best suitable plans and make changes during their rental contract. Simplify your insurance management process with StoRegister's comprehensive self storage software.

Manage services

Efficient Services Management

Optimize Services Management with StoRegister. Offer recurring and one-time services for tenants to choose during booking. Flexibility to opt-in or opt-out anytime during the rental contract. Streamline services and enhance tenant experience with our advanced self storage software.

Online document management

Secure Online Document Management

Securely Manage Online Documents with StoRegister. Password-protected format for lease agreements and confidential documents. Ensure data security and restrict unauthorized access. Safeguard your business and tenant information with our advanced self storage software.

Electronic Signature of documents

Streamlined E-Signature Process

Streamlined E-Signature Process - Simplify leasing with StoRegister's digitalized online booking facility. Tenants can review, accept, and sign lease agreements seamlessly using our E-Sign feature. Enhance convenience and reduce paperwork with our innovative E-Signature process for self storage operators.

Manage Daily Tasks

Efficient Daily Task Management

Efficient Daily Task Management - Stay organized and efficient with StoRegister's Task Management system. Easily manage day-to-day tasks, appointments, and follow-ups, with timely reminders for due dates. Enhance productivity and streamline operations with our user-friendly Daily Task Management feature.

Streamilne Employment Roles and Responsibility

Employee Roles and Responsibilities

StoRegister empowers Self Storage Operators to manage employee user accounts and access levels based on their roles. Safeguard confidential information with role-based restrictions.

Track Employee Activity

Track Employee Activity

StoRegister also includes features for tracking employee user account activity. You can easily download employee user account log history reports and set restrictions on access based on work timings, geolocation, and more.


Country and Province based Tax System

Country/Region-based Tax System

StoRegister adapts to the tax systems of all the countries we support. Configure taxes based on Country, Region, or State, and manage multiple tax systems seamlessly.

Late Fee Management

Late Fees

Manage Past Due Tenants with ease using StoRegister's Late Fee feature. Apply appropriate charges based on the number of days overdue or set recurring charges for consecutive time periods.

Automatic Invoice and Payment

Automatic Invoices and Payments

Simplify billing and payments with StoRegister's automatic invoicing and integrated payment platform. Offer various payment methods to streamline the payment process.

End of Day Account Closure Report

Daily Reconciliation

Stay informed about your daily business status with StoRegister's automatic account reconciliation. Receive daily closure reports in your registered email address.



Customize Operational & Financial Reports in StoRegister. Tailor reports to your specific requirements with drag and drop columns for enhanced insights.


Send Quotations


StoRegister simplifies sending Pricing Quotes via email with just one click, even if you have all the pricing details on your website.

Track Leads and Reservations

Manage Leads and Reservations

Effortlessly track Inquiries and Reservations based on User Type, Storage Type, Unit or Space size, and Inquiry stage. Sync customer details with your preferred CRM solution for streamlined management.

Manage Online Bookings

Online Rentals

StoRegister's Booking system seamlessly integrates with client websites on any CMS platform. Tenants can conveniently book spaces online from any device, and a mobile app is under development and expected to launch in the first quarter of 2024.


Manage language preference for communication

Manage Communication Language Preference

As a solution provider, we take pride in making operations easier for you in any circumstances. With our unique feature, you can set documents and notification templates in multiple languages, enabling seamless communication with your customers in their preferred language.

Manage Email and SMS notification

Email, SMS and WhatsApp Notification

StoRegister automatically sends all transactional notifications and reminders to tenants and leads in a timely manner via E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. This ensures tenants are informed about invoices, payments, overdues, and more.

Desktop Notification

Inbuilt Desktop Notification

We understand that humans tend to forget things, but that shouldn't hamper your business. StoRegister ensures you never miss any scheduled tasks or events by providing desktop notifications right in front of your screen.

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