Pros and Cons of integrated Self Storage Access Control System

July 09, 2021 | Team StoRegister
Pros and Cons of Access Control System

Access Control System is the very next thing that any self storage owner would think after self storage software when it comes to digitalization of the self storage business. The advanced technology led to a wide variety of access control system that is flexible and agile to any business size. To name a few gate access system types:

  • Electronic Keypad
  • Bluetooth Enable Locks
  • Electronic Gates
  • Electronic Doors and Locks
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Access using Mobile Apps

Pros of Self Storage Access Control System:

  1. Track renter access to facility

    Access control system help self storage owners to have a track of renters who access the facility, time they spent in the storage space and the robust system also alerts the owners when there is security breach which helps business owners/property manager to take necessary action instantly.

  2. Flexibility

    Allows user to sit back at residence and manage the facility with the power of technology. Builds trust among renters that their items are in good hands and give them hassle free access round the clock access to their storage space.

  3. Convenience

    Access control system integrated with self storage software gives the convenience for your customers to access the gates without getting out of the car. Also, it gives the convenience for the storage owners to just block the access to defaulted customers from entering the facility.

  4. Remote Management

    An Access Control System integrated with your self storage management software facilitates you to manage your business unmanned.

  5. Get rid of the traditional lock and Key

    It is always a pain to renters and storage owners while handling the lock and keys. Renters always tend to forget their keys while visiting the facility or probably loose the keys and end up breaking the locks thus access control system help you get rid of this hassle. Just allow renters to access the unit by just punching in the access code or just unlock using the mobile app.

Cons of Self Storage Access Control System:

  1. Capability to integrate with self storage software

    The most important thing you need to know when inquiring about gate access solution is that it can integrate with any self storage software because every business would upgrade their software as the technology advances and the access control system should be compatible to adapt your business changes. Ultimately, do not risk your business growth by choosing an access control system which is compatible with one particular self storage software.

  2. Dependency on Power and Internet

    This is unavoidable disadvantage in the part of digitalization however, self storage operators need to make necessary arrangements to overcome this issue.