Handle Multiple Storage Types

As a dedicated Solution Provider, we deeply understand the needs of businesses seeking software to manage their operations effectively. At StoRegister, we take immense pride in our role in your business and are excited to introduce our All-in-One Self Storage Software, meticulously crafted for Self Storage Business Owners.

Traditional Units Storage

Unit Storage

StoRegister empowers operators to efficiently manage Traditional Self Storage Units, whether on ground level or multi-level buildings. Our software seamlessly handles both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled units.

Container Storage

Container Storage

Amidst the growing demand in the Self Storage Industry, Container Storage has emerged as an excellent alternative. StoRegister enables operators to effortlessly manage Movable and Immovable containers, including climate-controlled ones.

Self Storage Daily Operations
Boat RV Storage

Boat and RV Storage

Our customized solution caters to the unique demands of Boat and RV Storage. StoRegister offers unmatched flexibility in Inventory and Logistics Management, complemented by Barcode reader functionality for efficient tracking.

Garage Storage

Garage Storage

Acknowledging the surging demand for Garage Spaces, StoRegister allows operators to manage them as standalone storage solutions or alongside other storage types.

At StoRegister, we prioritize understanding your specific needs to provide the best-suited software solution for your self storage business. Our All-in-One Self Storage Software streamlines daily operations, enhancing overall efficiency, and empowering you to focus on business growth while we handle the rest.

Co-working Spaces

Co-Working Spaces

Vault Storage

Vault Storage

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage

Box Storage

Box Storage

Cloud based solution

Cloud-based Platform

Manage your Self Storage Business with the Power of Internet and access the system from anywhere in the World and anytime at your convenience.

Easy to Navigate User Interface

Easy Accessibility

Easy to navigate User Interface allows user to use the system efficiently and on-screen Knowledge Centre will assist you when you are stuck.

Storegister Open API for Developers

Open API

Use our web APIs connect to your favourite Apps seamlessly and design your own booking system.

Self Storage Customer Portal

Customer Portal

StoRegister offers the brand new Customer Portal that can be integrate with your Business website for your Tenants to access the readily available rental informations.

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